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Tailored Tax for US Expats

That’s it, that’s all we do. Our small team of highly experienced expatriate accountants come from Ernst & Young, PwC and other large multinational firms. You can expect world class service, you can expect every taxable loophole and concession to be absolutely exhausted and you can expect to pay less that what the “Big 4” charge.

To fully understand your individual situation and the country you chose to work, live or invest in, our accountants specialise by region. We have teams that focus solely on one region so we can truly offer a specialised expert service.

              2024 marks Andrew’s 21st year of expatriate taxes in a career which started with Ernst & Young in London, before relocating to Melbourne and joining PricewaterhouseCoopers. While in Australia, Andrew was a U.S. and Australian international tax specialist, providing tax solutions to high-net worth individuals. In 2010, Andrew undertook a secondment to PricewaterhouseCoopers Qatar before establishing Expat US Tax in February 2011. As a lawyer and an experienced tax professional, you are in safe hands.

“I’m really proud of our 100 strong team, I don’t believe in contractors and I don’t believe in outsourcing work to other companies. We have a hand-picked team that really care, go beyond the call of duty and constantly strive for excellence. Our business grows leaps and bounds, year on year and that’s because we all share the philosophy of genuine client care, we treat every client like a VIP, because to us, they are. In the early years, our business was built purely from client referrals and nothing else, frankly, that’s all the work we could handle while maintaining our standards of excellence. In fact, several business units within our company still don’t advertise to this day.  Expat US Tax was structured to provide a bespoke, face-to-face service with highly qualified, experienced accountants. That service comes at a cost, and it was a cost some people didn’t get value from because their personal situation simply didn’t require that level of expertise and hand-holding, they needed a solution with a lower cost but one that still provided 5-star service and delivered exactly what they needed.”


See Leo in action:

We have separate accountants that focus on: 

✔ US Expats working and living in the Middle East 
✔ US Expats working and living in Canada 
✔ US Expats working and living in Australia

“It was to bring people into the company… give them an amazing place to work where they were respected, rewarded, and looked after…”

13 years ago Andrew Landin walked away from the Big 4 firms to change something important, to change something he couldn’t do from the inside.

Starting in the UAE on his own without an office or a single client, Andrew rode the roller coaster of starting a new business from scratch.

Watch his short candid interview to see why he made the move, how he went from 0 to 5,000 clients and his core foundations for growth.